The Vienna Clock Museum


Take a tour through sheer beauty and ingenuity at the Vienna Clock Museum in Austria. Every clock, old as it is, on exhibit in the museum, is still ticking away, even the one dated as far back as the fifteenth century. Now that is amazing! Watching the video (it’s 8 minutes) was not only a walk back in time, but also an aesthetic experience because of the clocks’ intricate details and the range and originality of these artisan’s imaginations.

I was particularly impressed with the eighteenth century astronomical art clock with thirty dials, lunar eclipses and a calender that calculates to the year 9999. There’s also a very close view of the seventeenth century tower clock mechanism that was once in the St. Stephen’s Cathedral. How would you like a hanging bed clock that can be read from above and below? It’s there too and a lot more. You’ll see a large variety of timepieces that I think could be called masterpieces.


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