Are Clocks For The Birds?


Clocks_#2_For_the_birds-Rombach-1207Birds, loving to be in the spotlight of things, have, for centuries, found clever ways to get onto clocks and stay there. From alarm clocks to mantel and carriage clocks, to wall clocks and more, they’ve become a part of the scenery. But why clocks? There’s a good reason: birds know that all day and every day, we human beings check the time. And when we do, there they’ll be.

And of all the varieties of clocks that exist what do you suppose is the most popular “bird clock” of all? Why, it’s the cuckoo clock. But the charm of the cuckoo bird and its clock goes way beyond its job as announcer-in-chief. It has captured the hearts of generations of fun-loving people around the world. A happy thing for us.



In truth, no one could begrudge birds for their long-lived position in the clock kingdom. After all, they’re truly on the ball with theirBBB-Antique bird in gold cage Swiss clock Charles Abraham Bruguier time-related instincts. This in depth article from tells the full story, and in the end leaves us with the only conclusion possible. That “clocks are for the birds!”

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