Really, An Online Cuckoo Clock?


Out of nails or screws? You can still hang a cuckoo clock on your “wall”–digital wall, that is. It chimes on the hour and half hour, and it never needs winding or batteries. Yes, it’s our free Well Made Online Cuckoo Clock.

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Since this widget uses new HTML5 features, it’s not compatible with all browsers. We recommend the latest desktop versions of Google Chrome or Firefox.

Want to see the cuckoo bird in action right now? Click on the cuckoo door for a sample performance.

<iframe src="" height="860" width="440" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Click here to see this actual cuckoo clock offered on our website. One thing though…you’ll need a nail or screw to hang it.

The Well Made Online Cuckoo Clock was developed by:
Nerdy House Media

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