About Us
The Well Made Clock founders There are certain characteristics that distinguish a well made clock: hand crafted beauty, fine precision, heirloom quality, noble materials such as brass, steel and solid wood, to name a few. Welcome to The Well Made Clock! We are a small family-run business passionate about what we do. And we love clocks. This is what inspired my wife Carol and I to found our company, and we believe that being excited about the clocks we sell is the best way to serve you. It's one reason you can expect very personal and knowledgeable customer service.

My fascination with clocks grew out of my background as a professional drummer, blues harpist and vintage drum restoration expert. Clocks and drums both make music, keep a beat and depend on mechanics to work. To me, clocks are just a different kind of "music." Carol shares this enthusiasm as an artist who appreciates the fine composition, beauty and craftsmanship in these clocks.

We are authorized dealers for Hermle, Rombach and Haas, Anton Schneider, Sternreiter, Loricron and River City Clocks. Browse our choice selection of styles and types, such as Black Forest Cuckoo, Mantel, Pendulum, Wall, Grandfather clocks, Anniversary clock and more. Any clock you choose from the Well Made Clock will be an elegant addition to your decor, whether you're looking for traditional or modern, and they're also works of art that you can interact with, almost like a kinetic sculpture.

They're fun and alive, musical and moving. With their ticking, chiming, cuckoo-ing, they become a part of the hum of your home. Listen to the rhythmic sounds, feel the clicking touch as you wind the clock, see the intricate carvings and the joyful dancers spinning to the melodies that will delight and rejuvenate you.

Our family team is always working to make your browsing and secure buying experience easy, enjoyable and memorable. So whether you need that perfect clock to embellish a room, to create a family atmosphere, or to keep you on schedule--time is always in style...and we carry well made clocks just waiting to be in your home. The Well Made Clock founder signature