5 Good Reasons Why Clock Enthusiasts Are Enthusiastic


BLOG#2rh8367_289x433Ah, the difference between a digital clock and an analog clock. Where are the animated dancers, the finely crafted wood carvings, the deep sonorous gongs and the dumpling eaters? Think about it. They’re seen and heard on the analog clocks. I’d rather get the time from a beautiful grandfather clock or a charming cuckoo clock than from the digital icon on my computer screen or iPad. Wouldn’t you? Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting a clock, but aren’t convinced yet that it’s a good idea.

Here are 5 reasons why clock enthusiasts are enthusiastic:

1. Tradition

Blog-tradition-polls_tradition_2258_517561_pollYes, analog clocks are passed down from generation to generation bringing with them their family history and the warmth of relationships. And, by the way, clock lovers, who have sometimes lost their family treasure, will purchase a clock today that is just like what their grandmother had. That reconnects them to their family heritage in a deep and personal way. And what if there isn’t a family heirloom to be passed down? You could start one today. It will be an heirloom in the making. Think of your children and their children who will remember you and enjoy the beauty of the clock you got started.

2. Decoration

BLOG-Hermle0803RoomSceneThis can be anything from filling that large wall with a chic over-sized clock or grouping a selection of smaller clocks to create a center of attention. Like a painting, a clock will beautify your decor. They’re works of art. You can bet they’ll add warmth, atmosphere and charm to your home. They’re versatile too, whether traditional or modern, large or small, for the table top or fireplace mantel, clocks bring movement and mirth to the air.

3. Relationship

BLOG#3relationship-300x225Here is where the fun is. Did you know how musical and moving a clock is? They’re almost like kinetic sculptures that you can interact with daily. They engage your senses and can fill your spirit. Listen to their sounds, feel the clicking in your fingers and hands as you wind them and admire the visual artistry of their craftsmanship. With their ticking, chiming, cuckoo-ing and swinging, they become a part of the hum of your home.

4. Expression

BLOG-#2-PaintBrushesWhat is your unique personality? Clocks let you express it with their variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sounds. There are fun clocks, bold clocks, stylish clocks, classic clocks, unusual clocks, chic and over-sized clocks–all with their own flavor and character.

 5. Conversation

BLOG-conversation#2-indexHaving friends or relatives over? The winsome characters, hand painting and woodwork, deep sonorous gongs and the intricate brass mechanisms seen through a clear casing, have been known to open many a conversation over a glass of sherry before the ring of the dinner bell, or with a cup of mint tea at dessert.

Convinced yet why clock enthusiasts are enthusiastic about clocks? If not, ask any clock lover and they’ll tell you–or even better, they’ll show you. And you just might catch the enthusiasm.

Photo Credits:

Cuckoo Clock: northcoastimports.com

Room Scene: hermleclock.com

Paint brushes: http://inspired2act.com




Can Knowledge Change Experience?

Has this ever happened to you? You looked at something familiar, something you even knew a lot about, then you discovered something new about it. The next time you saw it, it was different. A new experience.


That’s what happened to me with the Cuckoo Clock. Now, some of you reading this post will likely have a mechanical cuckoo clock in your home. You’re very familiar with the sound of your cuckoo bird, and at some time or another, you’ve probably explored its workings, opening the back panel for a look inside. If so, you would have seen those two miniature wooden pipes and bellows. And more likely than not, you would have known that the illustrious sound of the little bird comes from those.


Maybe you were surprised to find those pipes in there. Surprised to find that someone had applied the technology of the grand pipe organ to the humble little cuckoo clock, or as I like to call it ‘the little pipe organ’ .

You never know what you’ll find when you look inside things. A German clock maker, Franz Ketterer, so the legend goes, added the charming cuckoo bird to the clock. Then he cleverly scaled down and fitted inside the clock two vital components of the pipe organ: the bellows and wooden pipes. He put the ‘big’ into the little, and thereby made the little ‘big’.

BLOG-homeschoolingthemiddleyears.blogspot.comNow doesn’t that make you delight in the cuckoo clock more? Not that it needs anything more. It stands on its own charm. The cuckoo clock is one of the most beloved of clocks. But, knowing that the workings are related to the grand pipe organ, a sort of cousin to it, enhances my experience of its musicality.

Take a look inside if you haven’t already. Look at the pipes and bellows. Listen anew to the music of the cuckoo. And then let us know if you noticed anything different.

Here is a survey question for our readers who own a cuckoo clock, but hadn’t known about its connection to the pipe organ: After reading this blog, did you enjoy your cuckoo a bit more, did you notice any change in your experience? And if so, how did it change?

Photo Credits:

Top: www.cousinsuk.com

Middle: John Vetterli  (St. Mary’s Cathedral/Kingston, Ontario)

Bottom: www.homeschoolingthemiddleyears.blogspot.com/





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